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South Caucasus Archeological Research Forum 2020
29 February, 09:30 
Convenor(s): Dr Paul Wordsworth
The first South Caucasus Archaeological Research Forum (SCARF) was held on 29 February 2020 at Ertugen House. The day-long conference brought together international scholars working on the pre-modern Caucasus, and covered themes as diverse as wine production, metalworking and settlement patterns. The programme can be found here. For further details, please read Dr Paul Wordsworth's report here.  
Bardhaʿa: A Colloquium on the Archaeology of the Medieval City

27 February 17:00 to 28 February 17:15 
Convenor(s): Dr Paul Wordsworth
The colloquium on the archeology of medieval Bardhaʿa (modern-day Barda, Azerbaijan) took place on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 February 2020 at Ertugen House. The event was held to celebrate four years of excavations by the Archaeological Exploration of Bərdə project (AEB), and provided a forum for experts on the region to present and discuss some of the most important findings of the initiative. The conference programme can be found here. For more details, please read Dr Paul Wordsworth's report here.  

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